Clear view on co-products:
Agra logica has a clear perspective on organic rest products. Our market knowledge of collection, processing and sales of organic waste products is available for you! Be surprised by our way of thinking and doing! Organic residual flows at different times of the production. The food industry applies strict quality standards, thereby creates a residual product which is not suitable for human consumption. This loss, often scrap or rework called, may be used as raw material for animal consumption or green energy.
Supermarket losses

Due the limited shelf life of foods are there in the distribution and at super markets products that cannot be sold for consumption and so should be removed.  Also this about date foods and foods can be processed into raw materials. Specialized companies have recycling machines that the food remains separate from the packaging. So remainders are yet useful reused. All scrap and waste products from the food industry can be processed by inventive solutions to useful raw materials. Agra Logic looks for and has partners for chain integrated solutions.

We find value in organic residual streams, openness and synergy are our keys to success!

A thorough analysis about the origin of the waste or residual products is the basis for determining the final value.

Independent advice

Of independent consulting to full outsourcing, we are open to all forms of cooperation. Production scrap, rework or packaged foods, we offer a tailored solution to bring you the highest value at the lowest cost.